Virtual Office

Virtual Office in HSR layout, Banashankari, Indiranagar & HRBR layout

Outmaneuver competition and maximize resource utilization by using the Sierra Cartel virtual offices located strategically in HSR layout, Banashankari, Indiranagar & HRBR layout. Having an address and a local phone number is a business imperative. It helps in building trust among consumers, suppliers, vendors and business affiliates. With a virtual address and a business number which can be answered professionally by highly trained representatives, you can easily improve your brand’s market reputation and ensure exceptional user experiences.

In addition to Virtual offices, Sierra Cartel also helps businesses with company registration and GST registration in HSR layout, Banashankari,Indiranagar, and HRBR layout.

Our Office Locations

HRBR Layout
Bangalore HSR Virtual Office
Punenedumbassery-kochi/sierracartel-nedumbassery-kochi-outside1.jpg Virtual Office
HSR Layout
Indiranagar Virtual Office

What to expect from a Sierra cartel Virtual Space?

Virtual Address
A professional business address for your company
Build a physical presence for your organization in the city of your choice.
Mail Handling
Mail handling and forwarding services
Get all official letters, packages, and couriers delivered and forwarded from your virtual office space
Virtual Address
Local Landline Number
Use customized greetings or set up an IVR or recording for your local landline number
Mail Handling
Live Reception Support
Calls routed to your local landline number can be answered by a female representative
Virtual Address
Company registration services
Smooth handling of company registration and GST registration of your company
Mail Handling
Meeting Room
Impress clients, employees, vendors, and suppliers by using our well-equipped meeting rooms at low costs.

Business address

Improve your market presence by identifying your business through a prestigious address in one of the prime locations in major cities. .

Official phone number

Use a dedicated landline number that caters to your callers through an IVR services, a recording, a voice mail service or a welcome greeting.

Live receptionists

Your calls can alternatively be answered by a female representative positioned as a receptionist to transfer your calls or take messages on your company’s behalf..

While you run the business, we run the office for you!

Sierra Cartel is trusted by several SMEs, startups, home-based business owners, freelancers, NRI business owners, and even online retailers. While you run your business, we handle the administrative aspect for you making sure that your presence in a city is maintained through a physical business address and phone number. Reach out to us now to know more about our services.

Our services:

Business Address

Emerge as a powerful competitor in the market with a prestigious business address that builds a positive brand image among your consumers and business affiliates. We provide you with a unique address that is not used by any other business.

This address can be published on all company stationery and marketing material, including your website and social media profiles. Any communication that reaches this address will be picked up by us and forwarded to an address of your choice. We will inform you promptly or new letters, packages, or couriers that arrive at the address. You also have the choice to pick it up from our office.

In an attempt to provide you with a smooth business experience, our team can also scan urgent letters or documents and send them to your email address or WhatsApp number.

Business Contact Number

Sierra Cartel provides you with an official phone number that serves as an easy channel of communication for your consumers and business associates. You can pick a phone number of your choice from a pool of thousands of numbers on our list. We offer a cloud-based virtual phone number which reduces all the hassles of working with local phone providers. You will have absolute control over your phone and how to handle calls that reach this number. Some of the options to manage calls on your business number are.

  • Call Forwarding: Calls can be forwarded to one or more numbers of your choice. This way your business calls never go unanswered, and your consumers, clients, or business associates can enjoy a rich user experience.
  • Auto Attendant: Choose the auto-attendant services on your phone number to set up a virtual receptionist facility to greet your callers and direct them to reach the right person through a multi-level and multi-language custom menu.
  • Business Hours Setup: Your business hours can be announced when a person calls your number and after-hours calls can be diverted to another number or if needed.
  • Online Call tracking: Keep a check on all calls received on your business number through our online call tracking facility. It helps you check the caller ID along with the date, time, and length of the call.
  • Call Recording: Calls can be recorded and these recordings can be accessed online, allowing you to go through them at your own time.

Local Fax Number

Businesses that continue to rely on fax for the exchange of important documents can setup a fax number where your faxes can be received. Our team will receive the fax and forward it to your email address as a PDF attachment. You will not have to worry about the installation or maintenance of any hardware for receiving a fax.

Live Receptionist Support

We can handle the calls made to your business number by having a female staff receive all calls and handle it as per the procedure you set up. The representative is trained to answer the calls in the capacity of a professional receptionist.

Office Support Facilities

The offices are well equipped to provide you with facilities like free Wi-Fi, mail handling services, check depositing, printing and copying, and front desk support in addition to a range of other services that you can learn about by talking to us.